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Hamilton Performance Horses

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Groundwork and Basics Series

Consists of a minimum of 6 hours up to 10 hours. 

One on one as well as a group participation instruction, education and presentation.  Series will be customized to the level(s) of the participants.

Suitable for horses ages foals to senior

Limit of 10 horses per day (There can be up to 2 handlers/riders per horse.)

Series can be a one time event or a on going continuing education/re-enforcement of previously skills. Focusing on building and refinement of skills and their practical application providing you with a solid base of training solutions to utilize with your current horse(s) as well as any horse(s) in the future.

* $350.00 per day. All fees are required to be paid in advance.. 

*For distances over 150 miles round trip  add .56 cents per mile for total mileage over the first 150 miles + lodging for each event. 

* Discounts for booking and pre-paying 5 series or seminars. (Get 5 for the price of 4 = $1400.00 saving $350.00.)