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Hamilton Performance Horses

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Buying the Perfect Horse / Horse Owner 101 Seminars

Consists of 6 hour Seminar 

One on one as well as a group participation instruction, education and presentation.  Seminars will be customized to the level(s) of the participants.

Suitable for all age participants.

No limit on the participants

* $350.00 per day.  All fees are required to be paid in advance.. 

Series/Seminars can be a one time event or a on going continuing education/re-enforcement of previously skills. Focusing on building and refinement of skills and their practical application providing you with a solid base of training solutions to utilize with your current horse(s) as well as any horse(s) in the future.

*For distances over 150 miles round trip add .56 cents per mile for total mileage over the first 150 miles + lodging for each series or seminar per day.

* Discounts for booking and pre-paying 5 series or seminars. (Get 5 for the price of 4 = $1400.00 for a saving of $ 350.00)


Do you have a particular subject that you would like presented? I can work with you to design a series or seminar just for you or your group.