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Spirit of the West Candles




At Spirit of the West Candles we manufacture premium quality soy candles made with 100 percent natural soybean wax and top grade fragrances. We take great pride in the fact that our candles are considered by some of our customers to be the best candles they've ever burned with an incredible scent throw, leaving the air soot free while giving a strong performance from start to finish.

And we sure don't want you to miss our Wild Ride Car Crocks or our Fragrance Pouches, two sure-fire ways to introduce scentsational aroma to  those "special needs" kinds of places in your surroundings,  like the car or maybe your son's sock drawer.  Don't forget to check these out while you're here.

In the meantime, we want you to know we're mighty glad you dropped by and sure hope that before you leave you'll decide to try our unique and beautifully fragrant line of products. If you do, we think you'll agree they're plum larapin'! (If you're not from around these parts, that's cowboy lingo for m-m-good! )


At Spirit of the West Candles we are committed to making candles that burn cleaner and longer. That's why we don't use ordinary paraffin wax like 90 percent of the candle makers in today's marketplace. Instead, our candles are made of 100-percent all-natural soy wax and, in some instances, accented by a clear mineral oil-based gel product. Together, these products are the two newest evolutions in the candle-making world.

Candles made with these products are cleaner burning and have a longer burn time. In addition, each of our soy candles is double wicked so that when it burns, it does so evenly, across the entire diameter of the jar, using 100 percent of the wax in the process. This creates a greater scent throw and allows the candle to burn even longer because it burns more efficiently. We make every effort to see that your candle burning experience is a good one, from beginning to end. We want our candles to glow on you!

If you have a chance, drop by for a visit. We'd love for you to see our shop and our line of fragrance products. Our retail shop and wholesale distribution center is located in Strawn, a tiny Texas community proving every day that great things still come in small packages. Located midway between Fort Worth and Abilene, just two miles north  of Interstate 20, we're not hard to find. When you cross the railroad tracks,  just look for our sign.

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